Advanced Balance Technology

Infrared Video-Oculography Goggles (IVOG)

  • Allows visualization of the eyes, in the dark, to precisely evaluate your patients with vestibular dysfunction.
  • The findings from these tests offer customized treatments for your patients and the best outcomes.
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Infrared Video-Oculography Goggles (IVOG)
Bodi Track Force Mat FYZICAL Chicago

FYZICAL CTSIB with Boditrak Force Mat

  • Computerized static balance force mat, utilized for testing and training of balance and vestibular disorders.
  • Provides specific metrics to test sway in a variety of conditions which enables us to specifically categorize the sensory impairment for each unique client.
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Safety Overhead System (SOS)

  • The SOS utilizes a body harness suspended from a rails system and acts as a full-body weight supporting system if a patient falls.
  • Eliminates fear of falling & boosts confidence, allowing for quicker recovery.
  • Creates a safe environment for balance, strength, and gait training.
  • Therapists can challenge patients with advanced skill training.
FYZICAL Chicago Safety Overhead System
Shuttle Balance System FYZICAL Chicago

Shuttle Balance System

  • The Shuttle Balance System is an unstable surface that challenges the patient in a variety of ways. It provides fall prevention, ankle stabilization, and vestibular training.
  • Can be used for general balance and vestibular deficiencies, proprioception training after joint repairs and replacements, and for athletic and sports-specific training.
  • This system can target different patient populations ranging from young sports players, physically active adults, and geriatric patients.

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