Aquatic Therapy


The Aquatic Center features a Swimex 600T pool heated to 90 degrees. This multi-depth pool generates water resistance up to 6.5 mph (That is more than enough for even a highly trained swimmer). There is also therapeutic exercise equipment, specifically designed for working out in the water, including a running platform. All patients are supervised by their physical therapist during the one-on-one session. Also in the aquatic center are a private changing room, a shower and a towel service.

Aquatics is offered at both the Arlington Heights and Garfield Ridge Clinics.

FYZICAL Garfield Ridge Pool
Pool Therapy at Garfield Ridge

If you or a loved one has an injury or condition that makes weight-bearing exercise too painful or risky, such as arthritis, stroke, or recent surgery on the knee, hip, back or neck, then pool therapy is the ideal way to get moving again and begin the rehabilitation process.

Aquatic Physical Therapy is an effective and secure environment for strength rehabilitation. Working on walking without a limp following ankle, knee or hip injures is much easier.  The moving or standing water provides the necessary resistance while buoyancy and relative weightlessness add to safety.

By using aquatics therapy patients regain a higher level of strength and flexibility more quickly, which leads to better outcomes at lower overall costs. There are no swimming skills needed in order to use the aquatics physical therapy program. The way rehabilitation was meant to be!

We have been working with Aquatic Physical Therapy for the last eighteen years. We have developed programs in the water for almost any problem you may have with your joints or muscles. Once you go Aquatic, you won’t go back to regular physical therapy, guaranteed.

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