Balance Problems

Balance is an element of fitness that combines with strength, cardio, and flexibility to create a complete picture of overall health. Whether you are holding a yoga pose, looking to improve your agility, or increase strength, balance training improves performance in every aspect of life.

Dizziness Balance Issues


Our passion as physical therapists is to make you as independent as possible and to help you strive to be the best version of yourself physically. We want nothing more than to help you break down the physical barriers that prevent you from living your life the way you want.

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Any form of exercise challenges the muscles and the nervous to increase communication to these areas. With balance therapy, the nervous system communicates with muscles to increase in strength and take on more tasks, ultimately increasing muscle strength. As your nervous system becomes more efficient, it is more skilled at recruiting more muscular power to increase strength and maximize capabilities in everyday functions. Many of the muscles used retraining your vestibular system are unique to your typical training programs, and will really provide you with a challenge.


Joint stability is the ability to control and maintain the joint movement or position. This is achieved when related muscle groups and tissues surrounding the joints coordinate with the neuromuscular system to achieve smooth, controlled movements. Increased stability reduces the amount of stress to knees, ankles, hips, and shoulders whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to avoid further damage.

Balance Coordination


Your ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently is imperative. Balance therapy increases your body’s control over movement by nurturing a healthy mind and body connection. Many athletes suffering from a vestibular deficiency are not even aware of it. Sometimes the brain is physically incapable of communicating to the arms, legs or body to move in a particular direction at a particular time, and advanced balance retraining can repair this challenge.

Balance Agility


Often related to reaction time, agility refers to your body’s ability to change positions immediately to catch or brace yourself before a fall occurs. Improving agility increases your body’s ability to make quick movements and change direction suddenly to avoid injury or prevent a fall.

Body Balance Awareness


Also known as proprioception, body awareness gives your nervous system a sense of how your body and limbs are oriented in space. With increased awareness, your body moves more seamlessly. Mobility, speed, and equilibrium are optimized greatly with balance training.

Balance Exercise Physical Therapy

Each of these 5 benefits combine to create increased self-awareness, improved balance and overall decreased risk of falls. Taking steps to improve balance enhances overall health and plays an important role in performing activities at a high level.

Physical therapy should always be considered first as we provide more than just treatment to manage your symptoms. We find the cause of the symptoms and help to conservatively reduce or eliminate them permanently. We are then able to strengthen weak areas, eliminate your dizziness, improve your balance, and prevent injury that might have occurred without care.

Our passion to help you Love Your Life is greatly driven from your passion for doing the things you love.

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