How to Know When to See a Physical Therapist

back view of man physical therapy in clinic

It’s pretty easy to know when you should go to see a doctor: when you feel sick, you go. However, how do you know when it is time for you to see a physical therapist? Well, there are many different reasons why a person would visit a physical therapist, so let’s go over some of the most common ailments that physical therapy can help. At FYZICAL-Lincoln Park, these are all things that we focus on and treat regularly! 

Back Pain  

Millions of Americans struggle with back or neck pain every day. What people don’t realize is that many times, physical therapy can be a way to alleviate severe and chronic back pain without medication! Through exercises, correction of posture and walking, and stabilizing the core muscles, physical therapy can help the muscles around the spine become strengthened and stop pulling on your vertebrae or nerves. There are some cases where physical therapy cannot help with back pain, but this tends to be when the patient needs surgery to correct the problem. This can be determined through a doctor with the help of MRI’s and x-rays. Physical therapy can also help with back pain during pregnancy, after an accident, or stress! 

Lower Back Pain

Specifically, lower back pain is one that can be helped quite a bit through therapy. Many times sciatica or lower back issues are caused by the muscles pulling on the nerves. The lumbar region of the spine is where lower back pain comes from, which can really impede your daily function and ability. Physical therapy can help you become pain-free in your lower back, so you can get back to your daily activities! 

Balance Therapy

When someone experiences a stroke, there can be many side effects and problems. Some common problems that many people have after a stroke are trouble balancing, falling frequently, and difficulty walking. Physical therapy can help! Our physical therapists at FYZICAL-Lincoln Park specialize in helping elderly patients regain functionality after incidents like stroke. Many elderly people are afraid of falling or have fallen several times. Being able to help with that fear is an amazing step for many of our patients. If you are experiencing any problems with your balance or you fear falling, it may be time to get to physical therapy! 

Work or Sports Injury

Each year, over two million Americans are injured at work. Many workplace injuries may seem like they might not be that bad, but end up causing a lifetime of problems. This can lead to a poor performance at work, chronic pain, and even possibly losing your job. Physical therapy is a great option if you have experienced an injury in your workplace. Similarly, many people are injured playing sports. 

Some of these injuries can be extremely debilitating, and most people who are injured playing sports are young. Physical therapy can help work and sports injuries in young and older patients alike! If you are injured, do not wait! See a physical therapist as soon as you possibly can. Injuries can become much harder to heal over time, and some can be repaired with faster recovery time and less pain if taken care of quickly. Physical therapy can really change your life for the better! 

Therapy for Children

Most parents don’t know that therapy is also available for children. This is not only for injury, but for help developing their life and body skills. Some children have difficulty with fine motor skills or with writing. Occupational Pediatric physical therapy can work wonders! Therapy for children can also help them learn to walk or perform regular functions. At FYZICAL-Lincoln Park, we strive to help each child reach their full potential and experience the world in the best way! 

Do I need a referral to see a physical therapist? 

Obtaining a referral for physical therapy depends on your insurance company and which state you live in. Good news in the state of Illinois though as there is no referral needed to see a physical therapist. This hurdle has been removed to give patients easier access to the care that they need. 

Physical Therapy Near Me

If you are located in Chicago, Illinois, we here at FYZICAL-Lincoln Park would love to see you. If not, an easy way to find a physical therapy place near you is to ask your insurance. You can also go see your doctor and ask for a referral, and they can send you to an office near your home. If you are unable to visit places due to your current situation or due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we also offer telehealth services. This can be a great option that may help you get the care you need during this time. 

Come to Physical Therapy! 

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the problems above, schedule an appointment with a physical therapist today! You never know what therapy might do for you. Take care of your body, and you will be able to do so much more. We encourage anyone experiencing pain to try out physical therapy, especially because it is so effective for pain management and healing. When you make the time to attend physical therapy, you will see that your physical rehabilitation can change your life for the better! 

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