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FYZICAL Lincoln Park strives to treat the whole patient completely. We are not satisfied with partial recovery and are only satisfied with 100% recovery. We push our patients to stay with the process as it is almost always successful in achieving the patients’ goals and improving their function. We are tasked with taking care of the patient holistically. We realize many factors go into a patient have pain and assess the whole body. Many times, issues in the ankle can lead to knee pain and neck can lead to shoulder pain as just a few examples. We strive to make physical therapy an experience that you will enjoy/not forget.

Our skilled Physical Therapists work collectively to help each other’s patients so you are getting multiple brains working as one on your case. We are always learning from our patients and from each other. We use soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and manipulation as well as dry needling to change the tissue. We then support it with progressive strength, motor control and neural reeducation techniques to improve motor patterns to eliminate pain and maximize function.

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Arthritis & joint pain
Back & neck pain
Balance, dizziness, and vertigo
Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP)

Fall Prevention
Infrared Video-Oculography Goggles (IVOG)
Neurological Conditions

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Parkinson’s Disease using LSVT BIG
Peripheral Neuropathy
Post-hospitalization care
Safety Overhead System (SOS)
Shuttle Balance System
Dry Needling

Workers Compensation

  • Work Conditioning
  • FCE
  • Employment Testing
  • Job Analyses


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FYZICAL Lincoln Park Review

I’ve been going to FYZICAL for a few months, due to an arm injury, and it’s been an absolute pleasure – everyone who works at the front desk is welcoming and friendly, and together with the therapists that create a really nice atmosphere. My physical therapist Justin is superb – he breaks everything down so that I understand it and I’ve seen huge improvement with my mobility thanks to working with him. And the new space is lovely and bright! Very happy with my experience, would recommend!

Kate S / Lincoln Park

Highly recommend this physical therapy center. As a professional soccer player, they helped me recover from a knee injury and get back to 100% performance. Excellent, knowledgeable, caring staff from the front desk to the therapists. Cannot say enough!

Taylor C / Lincoln Park

I would highly recommend FYZICAL. I had never had physical therapy but needed it badly when I herniated a disc in my back. Clayton did a great job helping me rehabilitate and get back to normal. I also now have a plan and set of exercises to help prevent this (and other problems) in the future. The staff were great with scheduling, and they made navigating the health insurance seamless.

Jeff M / Lincoln Park

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