Safety overhead system (s.o.s.)

what is the safety overhead system?

An overhead harness support system consists of an overhead track and moveable trolly that allows the patient, while secured in a simple body harness, the freedom to ambulate, perform functional types of activities, and fall with minimal risk of injury.

FYZICAL Balance Technology

Whether a disease process, injury, or after surgery, the S.O.S. can help avoid fear, injury, increased time in therapy, and poorer outcomes.

Benefits from the S.O.S. include:

  • The SOS utilizes a body harness suspended from a rails system and acts as a full-body weight supporting system if a patient falls
  • Eliminates fear of falling & boosts confidence, allowing for quicker recovery
  • Creates a safe environment for balance, strength, and gait training
  • Therapists can challenge patients with advanced skill training
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With the Safety Overhead System